Assignments for October 15

First Critique: Memphis Commercial Appeal package “True Crime“. Pay particular attention to how data is used in both the main story and the two main maps (“A week in crime” and “A decade of homicides”). For both, are the use and display of data easy to understand, or hard? How would you approach the same task? You may mention the sidebars, but keep the majority of your focus on the main story and the database. And be specific – don’t just tell me that you liked or didn’t like it, tell me why.

Excel: Using the House committee roster file we worked with in class (source file if you need to redo it), do a pivot table to show the party breakdown for each committee. This is an expansion of what we did in class – you’ll need to drag fields to both the row and column areas of the pivot table.

If you need a refresher on pivot tables, check out this tutorial, which uses these two files.

Readings: What is SQL?, SQL Fundamentals


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