Assignments for October 29

SQLite: Using data on EPA grants to clean up brownfields, adjust the query to return all grants for all years. Export the result to Excel, then save the file as CSV and import it into SQLite. Then write a query that shows the number of grants per year to each state/territory, with the state/territory with the most grants in a single year at the top. Then, write a query that creates a new table called recipient_totals with the following fields: the recipient, the state/territory and the total number of grants. Save the SQL statements and send them along with the database file.

Readings: Google Fusion Tables Tour and FAQ.

Midterm: Each of you will be getting an email with a federal government dataset (somewhat loosely defined, but either XLS, CSV, text or an HTML file that can be converted). You should familiarize yourself with the dataset and, at the least, try to import it into Excel and SQLite by next week. You should read any documentation on the data you can find, as well as look for ways the data has been used. Be sure to save your work and notes, as you’ll need to hand them in when the midterm is due in two weeks.


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