Assignments for Nov. 19

Second Critique: USA Today on health risks for schools. At least 600 words on the story and accompanying interactives. Focus on what you liked/did not like and what you would have done differently. Be specific!

Mapping: Using this file of Fairfax County Arrests, import it into Excel and add headers (use your best judgment on what they should be), then combine the address information into a single field (using Excel’s concatenate formula). Save the file as CSV, then upload it to Atlas so that it can plot those locations on a Google Map. Email me the url for your embedded map (found by clicking on “Embed” under Atlas’ My Atlas menu). You’ll need to be signed into Atlas for this to work. If it is taking too long to load/display in Atlas, you may want to trim the number of rows to 50-100.

Viewing: Two presentations on Census concepts and data.

Final Projects: Pick a federal dataset (you can choose the one you used for the midterm, but you’ll need to take a broader scope than you did for that assignment. Or email me if you’re looking and not sure what’s out there. Try FedStats or for some ideas. I’ll post a fuller explanation of the final project next week.


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