Assignments for April 15

Reading: NPR story and graphic on bird-strike data. Be prepared to discuss in class.

Text data: Using the tools we used in class, do a Many Eyes word tree and a word frequency index on this Senate speech by Sen. Inhofe. Then do an in-cell bar chart like we did in class (you can do this in Excel or Google spreadsheets, using the REPT() function). Save the results and email them, either as a link (or in the case of the word frequency index, you can copy the results into Excel or a Google spreadsheet). Do the results suggest any possible avenues of reporting?

Excel: Using the CSV version of this FEC candidate summary file, open it in Excel and answer the following questions using sorting and filtering:

  1. Which non-Massachusetts candidate has raised the greatest amount of individual contributions?
  2. How many Florida challengers are there? How many of them have total contributions of at least $5,000?
  3. Which state’s candidates have raised the most total contributions? (this one’s a pivot table)

Please email me the Inhofe speech excel file, a link to your ManyEyes word tree and the FEC excel file with your answers in the email text.


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