Assignments for May 6


Using the imported vote data files from April 29, write SQL queries to answer the following questions. They may require 1, 2 or 3 tables to answer, so please look at the fields/data carefully to see what you have. If you’re not sure what a field name means, let me know. Also, be sure that you’re using version 0.5.12 of SQLite Manager (or anything but version 0.5.14).

1. How many votes have all Republicans voting “No” and all Democrats voting “Yes”?
2. How many votes on cloture motions were agreed to?
3. Which Democrat has voted “No” most often?
4. Which Republican has voted “Yes” most often?
5. Which senator has missed the most votes (the position is “Not Voting”)?
6. How many votes have received 0 “No” votes?
7. Which senators have been the only person to vote “No”, and how many times have they done it?

More Data:

Using data posted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission here (be sure to check the Data Dictionary which explains what the fields are), download and import into SQLite the “Power Status (raw data text file) for the last 365 Days” file. Give it headers based on the data dictionary. Then briefly describe what question(s) you could ask of this data as a journalist? How would it lend itself to a story?

Send both SQLite files, plus your SQL queries, to me by email.


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