Assignments for July 7

Reading: NPR story and graphic on bird-strike data. Be prepared to discuss in class.

Text data: Using the tools we used in class, do a Many Eyes word tree and a word frequency index on this 2009 Senate speech by Sen. Inhofe. Then do an in-cell bar chart like we did in class (you can do this in Excel or Google spreadsheets, using the REPT() function). Save the results and email them, either as a link (or in the case of the word frequency index, you can copy the results into Excel or a Google spreadsheet). Do the results suggest any possible avenues of reporting?

Excel: Using the CSV version (the green CSV icon is on the right above the table) of this FEC candidate summary file, open it in Excel and answer the following questions using sorting and filtering:

  1. Which candidate has raised the greatest amount of individual contributions?
  2. How many Florida challengers are there? How many of them have total contributions of at least $1,000?

Please email me the Inhofe speech excel file, a link to your ManyEyes word tree and the FEC excel file along with your answers in the email text.


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