Assignments for July 14

First Critique: USA Today story on federal funding for smaller airports (and accompanying map). In reviewing this material, pay particular attention to how data drives the story and how the reporters used *and* explained it. Would you have done the same? Did they pay too much attention to some aspects and not enough to others? Was it clear to you what they did to arrive at their conclusions? Please critique both the story and map in at least 400 words. When in doubt about what to say, be specific. Don’t say, “I liked it.” Tell me why.

Excel: Using the Census Bureau’s Quarterly Summary of State & Local Tax Revenue, download the excel version of Table 1 (Latest National Totals of State & Local Taxes). Then calculate the percentage of the total revenue that individual income, property, tobacco and alcohol taxes each represent back to 2005. Remember that formulas in Excel begin with an equals sign. Are there any unusual percentages worthy of exploration? Send me the finished spreadsheet.

Readings: What is SQL?, SQL Fundamentals


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