Assignments for July 28

SQLite: Continuing with the senate voting database, write SQL to answer the following questions. You will need to study the fields in your tables. Send me both your queries and your sqlite data file.

1. How many votes were decided by less than 10 votes?
2. Show each vote result and how often it occurred.
3. How many votes have all Republicans voting “No” and all Democrats voting “Yes”? (hint: all “No” votes means how many “Yes” votes?)
4. How many votes on cloture motions were agreed to?
5. What is the average number of Republican No votes on a vote On Passage of the Bill?

Find Your Topic/Data: Please take some time this week to identify a topic for your final project (it may already be in data form, or not) that you’d like to work with over the next few weeks. Preferably it should be government-related, but if you can make a good case for something else, I’ll entertain it (give me a heads-up before class if this is the case). If you’re searching for possible ideas, try the Census Bureau or FedStats or

Reading: Part 3 of the SQLite Tutorial. Also, please read my friend Matt Waite, creator of, on data ghettos. And this USA Today story on subsidies for college athletics.


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