Assignments for August 11

Review BankTracker before class.

Story Memos: Send me your logs and any accompanying data. You should have a solid understanding of what your memo will say by this point.

Critique: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story on Recovery Act spending on bridge repair. Write at least 500 words on this piece (and its accompanying graphics), being sure to mention how you would have approached the story and what you might have done differently or what questions arose in your mind that weren’t answered.

More Data:

Using data posted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission here (be sure to check the Data Dictionary which explains what the fields are), download and import into SQLite the “Power Status (raw data text file) for the last 365 Days” file. Give it headers based on the data dictionary. Then briefly describe what question(s) you could ask of this data as a journalist? What kind of stories could you use it for?


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