Midterm Instructions

Think of your midterm assignments as a test run for the final project. That means you’ll be doing some of the work you’ll be doing later, just with a different dataset. So here’s what I’d like you to do:

1. Keep a log of your activites. It can be a Word file, or whatever, but write down at least the big steps you took and as many of the little ones as you can. Even seemingly mundane stuff like “looked at documentation for first time” is good, because it will help you plan for your final projects. And yes, you’ll hand that log in with your midterm materials.

2. Have a list or some sentences describing your approach – the questions you asked, why they worked or didn’t, and what interesting or not particularly revealing about the results. This is the part where you tie it back to working on a story of some kind.

3. On Oct. 29 we’ll talk more about visualizations, but you’ll want to keep those around, too. So if you do some Excel charts this week, save them.

4. The data – obviously, you’ll need to hand in the data and any sql queries you did. If you stayed in Excel but modified the data, send it all along.


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